Manufacturing Process

1. Debarking

Embracing precision and sustainability. Our Debarking Machine ensures top-quality timber for premium wood products.

2. Peeling the logs

Choithi Industries employs a large rotary lathe to refine debarked timber, ensuring flawless wood surfaces.

3. Drying

Choithi Industries utilizes a mechanical dryer with temperature control for uniform wood drying.

4. Compose Core

Choithi Industries employs synthetic plastics like phenol-formaldehyde or urea resins as premium adhesives for plywood sheets, ensuring strength and durability.

5. Glue Spreading Machine

Choithi Industries meticulously arranges layers of veneer to prevent overlaps and core gap issues, ensuring flawless wood products.

6. Cold Hydraulic Press

Choithi Industries utilizes a cold hydraulic press to guarantee deep resin penetration, ensuring a robust bond in our wood products.

7. DD Saw

Choithi Industries employs the advanced DD Saw, a cutting-edge machine that effortlessly slices thin plywood, trims rough edges, and customizes sizes for wooden and plywood boards with unmatched efficiency.

8. Calibrating

Choithi Industries utilizes high-tech machinery to achieve uniform thickness across boards, making them the ideal choice for mechanized automated furniture producers.

9. Sanding

Choithi Industries expertly removes all mill marks and handling flaws through meticulous sanding, ensuring a flawless and smooth surface in our wood products.

10. Chemical Dipping

Choithi Industries ensures added durability by treating plywood through chemical dipping, offering fire retardant, borer, termite, and nano protection for long-lasting wood products.

11. Quality Check and Lab Test

At Wudlay Ply, we conduct rigorous quality checks and lab tests on our plywood products, ensuring adherence to ISI guidelines before dispatch, guaranteeing top-notch and reliable wood products.

12. Ready for Stamping & Dispatch

With all quality checks and tests completed, our product is now set to be stamped and dispatched to distributors across India, delivering excellence in wood products.

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