Flexi Plywood


Flexi Plywood

Choithi Industries formulated flexi plywood as highly adaptive plywood designs to serve a multi-faceted purpose for various settings, including offices, homes, and other applications. These plywood alternatives offer exceptional flexibility, with low resistance to bending and rolling, allowing them to be used in twisted or curved shapes without chipping, cracking, or peeling.

Flexi plywood’s ability to fit into various shapes makes it one of the most versatile lines of plywood alternatives offered by Choithi Industries. Despite its flexibility, the bending radius is in accordance with its thickness, ensuring that the product’s strength and stability remain unaffected, making it an excellent choice for styling your space.

During the detailed production process of flexi plywood, the grains are aligned in a similar direction, providing the plywood with its bending and flexibility properties while maintaining structural integrity.

Borer Resistant

Each core veneer layer of Choithi Industries plywood is treated with combination of various toxicant chemicals by technology to make the ply resistant to Borer & other micro-organisms.

Super Smooth Surface

Thick face veneer, uniform thickness and uniform seasoned block board are used to make super smooth surface.

Water resistant

We have made flexi plywood as highly adaptive plywood and it is water resistant


Choithi Industries Plywood is Timeless Strong Durable Borer Proof

Choithi Industries Manufacture Flexi Plywood in the following criteria:

Thickness (In mm)


Size (In feet)


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