Block Board


Block Board

Presenting Choithi Industries Block Board, meticulously crafted in accordance with the revered IS:1659 standards. Our Block Board, primarily available in 18mm and 19mm thickness, is tailored to diverse client requisites, even including 16mm and 25mm variations based on order quantities. Distinguished by its robust construction, our Block Board thrives in boiling water, a testament to its carefully selected, seasoned wood battens with cross-bands, and face veneers bonded using BWP Type Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin.

Unlike conventional Block Boards, our product boasts preservative treatment, effectively shielding against borers and other wood-decaying organisms. A remarkable feature of our offering is its resistance to the common phenomenon of “Powder Falling,” a characteristic prevalent in ordinary block boards but conspicuously absent in Neelgiri Wood Crafts Block Boards. With us, quality craftsmanship and innovation converge seamlessly, ensuring unparalleled excellence in every board.

Anti Warp

The Block Board is manufactured by pre-press technology to make the Block Board anti-warp super bonded.

Borer Resistant

Each core veneer layer of Choithi Industries plywood is treated with combination of various toxicant chemicals by technology to make the ply resistant to Borer & other micro-organisms.

Superior Screw or Nail Holding Capacity

Choithi Industries plywood is manufactured from 100% dryer dried hard core veneers which gives ply the superior nail or screw holding capacity.

Super Smooth Surface

Thick face veneer, uniform thickness and uniform seasoned block board are used to make super smooth surface.


Choithi Industries Plywood is Timeless Strong Durable Borer Proof

Choithi Industries Manufacture Block Board​ in the following criteria:

Thickness (In mm)

19, 25

Size (In feet)

8×4, 8x3, 7x4, 6x4, 6x3

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